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Biobag News

Waxed Food Wraps; Beeswax & Vegan

Waxed Food Wraps; Beeswax & Vegan Now Available on FREE DELIVERY BioBag Ireland is pleased to announce an exciting new first for our online shop. is now stocking a range of Beeswax and Vegan Food Wraps. Carefully selected by us in BioBag to compliment our range of compostable bags. These wraps are carefully … Read More »

Plastic Alternatives for Businesses: BioBag’s ‘Not For Resale’ Range

Compostable products are a great alternative to regular plastic. Does your Business need BioBag? Now you can buy direct … Does your business want to become more sustainable? Do your customers want reduced plastic packaging, the opportunity to choose fresh produce and take it home in compostable bags which they can reuse to collect food… Read More »

Create Good Compost at Home: A Guide

It is relatively easy to set up your own compost system at home. And there are many different ways you can do this. The good news is that it can be simple, affordable and done anywhere, even with limited space. BioBag bags for food waste and BioBag wheelie bin liners are certified for Home Composting… Read More »

‘Biodegradable’ v ‘Compostable’ What’s the difference?

Understanding the terms ‘BIODEGRADABLE’ & ‘COMPOSTABLE’ Biodegradable and compostable are terms used when describing organic materials breaking down in a specific environment. Both terms are often used when describing environmentally friendly products. The term biodegradable is very often misused in marketing and advertising of products and materials that are not actually environmentally friendly. This is… Read More »

NEW! Paper Sandwich Bags from BioBag

The first paper sandwich bags from BioBag. Part of our exciting new collection of paper products in the BioBag range. Still compostable, still biodegradable, with a long shelf life and great value. BioBag paper sandwich bags are a economical option for food storage and food on the go. Our paper sandwich bags are strong and… Read More »