Compostable bags for fresh food counters. Does your businesses have a bakery, a meat/fish counter or a weight-your-own section? Are you and your customers conscious of plastic-waste? Now your business can offer a sustainable and compostable alternative to plastics bags when selling fresh food.  Brought to you by BioBag Ireland UK.

BioBag is now supplying businesses of all sizes with our food-safe, compostable bags. There is no minimum order size which means that small food businesses and growers can buy in quantities suitable for their needs. These bags are sold direct in our web shop with free delivery one case contains 2400 Bags (6 rolls per case / 400 Bags per roll) for €105.00.

Unless regular soft plastic bags, BioBag bags can be composted with food waste in both home and industrial settings.

BioBag compostable bags are certified compostable and contain NO microplastics when they break down.

new biobag logo

Look for the BioBag logo as a guarantee that your business has chosen the best compostable food safe bags available. Not all ‘GREEN’ bags are created equal!

BioBag food safe bags are the same great quality as our popular retail range.

BioBag compostable produce bags are used by some of Ireland’s leading retail stores and markets. They have proven very popular with consumers and are a convenient way for retailers to show their commitment to sustainability and reducing plastic packaging and plastic waste.  

BioBag Transparent Food-Contact Approved bags are:Meat in compostable Molloys Butchers

  • Suitable for raw and cooked food

  • Certified biodegradable and compostable

  • Strong and lightweight

  • Waterproof, leak proof and odourless

  • Easy to tie and close

  • Very clear so contents can easily be seen

  • An eco-friendly alternative to using regular plastic bags

Use within 18 months of purchase