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What Can I put in my BioBag


  • Meat, poultry & fish – raw and cooked – including bones.
  • Dairy products – including eggs & egg shells.
  • Out of date/spoiled/mouldy fruit, vegetables, bread, pasta, rice (taken out of plastic packaging). Cooked and uncooked.
  • Leftover food and plate scrapings.
  • Fruit and vegetable peels, cores, seeds, stones from fruits, etc.
  • Cold liquids and sauces
  • Coffee grounds, coffee filter papers, tea bags and tea leaves
  • Used & unused kitchen paper, paper napkins/tissues, pizza boxes
  • Garden waste, plant cuttings, grass clippings, leaves, cut flowers and old plants


  • Plastic, glass, plastic bags, plastic food wrappers, plastic wine corks.
  • Bandages or plasters
  • Tin foil, greasepoof paper, baking parchment, cling-film
  • Baby wipes, make up remover/facial wipes, kitchen hygiene wipes.
  • Kitchen cloths and dishcloths
  • Baby nappies or nappy liners
  • Personal hygiene products or incontinence products
  • Medicines, cough bottles,
  • Chemically sprayed weeds and similar garden waste
  • Ashes from Fires, stoves, BBQs, etc
  • Vacuum cleaners bags and contents, tumble dryer sheers and lint,

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