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NEW. Compostable is better than Biodegredable

Watch Your Language! Learn why ‘biodegradable’ is not the same as ‘compostable’ when it comes to plastic bags   In BioBag Ireland & UK, we say our bags are ‘compostable’ not just ‘biodegredable’. This means that our bags break down into water, oxygen and organic matter when they are composted. Composting is the process of… Read More »

LOOK for the ‘Compostable’ Sign

    Why choose a compostable BioBag?  BioBag products are 100% certified compostable. That’s more than just ‘biodegradable’. Function, quality and standards are equally important – to us and to our customers. It’s not just us who say it … Products that claim to be ‘completely compostable’ have to be certified as such by a… Read More »

BUY BioBag Dog Waste Bags Online

Cleaning up after your pet may not be the best part of being a dog owner but it’s always the right thing to do. It’s good to know that by using BioBag compostable dog waste bags you are making an environmentally sound choice and still protecting children, wildlife and other dogs… Read More »

And Breathe… The MaxAir Caddy

Whether you’re cooking for one or you’re a busy family, BioBag’s MaxAir caddy makes your life easier, your kitchen cleaner and your Brown Bin lighter! The MaxAir is a nifty little food bin that can live under your sink or on your kitchen counter. Use your MaxAir caddy with a breathable BioBag liner to collect… Read More »


BioBag The best certified compostable bags available in Irish shops. BioBag certified compostable bags, MaxAir caddy bins and compostable dog waste bags are available from these stockists in Ireland. We are also pleased to be stocked in fabulous independent retailsers around the country Mortons If your shop or business is interested in selling any of… Read More »