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No Leaks, No Smells, No Mess. Pop the food waste bags in your Brown Bin when it’s full.

Our breathable bags and sacks are available in a variety of designs and sizes. BioBag bags and liners provide an effective barrier against bacteria, viruses, spores and mould. A BioBag keeps food waste in and stops nasties getting out.

Our bags are strong, long lasting and only need to be changed every 5 days approximately.

They are much cheaper to use and easier to store than other bags and boxes available.


BioBag recomends that you …

  • use your BioBag bags within one year of purchase
  • store BioBag bags in cool, dry place
  • don’t put hot liquid straight into a BioBag bag – let it cool first

Our online store is still open for business. All your orders are packed by one person and collected daily from an unmanned collection point and dispatched as usual. Free delivery continues for Irish & UK addresses. Thanks for your support. Dismiss