BioBag Awarded Cré Ireland Compostable Certification 

[APRIL 2o21] BioBag Ireland UK is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Cré IRELAND Compostable Certificate. We are only the third Irish company to have achieved certification standard and the only compostable bag manufacturer to have done so.  BioBag is the leading brand of compostable bags for food waste collection, food storage and food packaging in Ireland.

The Cré IRELAND symbol is designed to reassure consumers that a product or packaging is compostable in Ireland. It is the only independent assessment that a compostable product can be accepted and processed in Industrial Composting Facilities in Ireland. Only products such as BioBag, which have undergone the rigorous testing required,  are authorized to use the Cré IRELAND symbol.

There are many businesses using the terms ‘degradable‘, ‘biodegradable‘, ‘oxo degredable’ or ‘compostable‘ to describe their products or packaging. This causes confusion for consumers in identifying the appropriate products despite growing consumer demands for compostable products. This standardized Irish certification scheme will offer reassurance to buyers and aims to increase sustainable recycling of compostable products in food waste composting facilities and ultimately into quality compost to feed Irish soil.

BioBag is the only brand of compostable bags to have achieved Cré IRELAND certification to date.