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BioBag products are environmentally-friendly alternative to regular plastic products. Our bags can be composted with food waste and other organic household waste in an industrial composting facility. The compost that is made returns essential nutrients back to the soil reduces waste going to landfill and reduces the greenhouse effect.
BioBag products are truly eco-friendly and sustainable.
That’s our commitment to our customers…and to our world.


No Leaks, No Smells, No Mess. Pop it in your Brown Bin when it’s full.

BioBag compostable waste bag


The Convenient Way to Collect Food Waste in Your Kitchen

MaxAir ventileret bøtte


BioBag Dog Waste Bags

BioBag dog waste bags are the most effective and environmentally friendly way to clean up after your pet.

Dog Waste Bag


FOR RETAILERS & IN STORE USE – Produce and Shopping Bags

Compostable Fruit & Vegetable Produce Bags for shops and retailers

BioBag Compostable Produce Bags

Food Services & HORECA

BioBag offers a wide assortment of compostable products for collecting organic waste from municipalities, commercial kitchens and institutions.



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