Wholesale: BioBag Compostable 140L Wheelie Bin Liners | Shelf Display Box contains 24 Rolls


BioBag compostable Brown bin

  • BioBag 140L Compostable Wheelie Bin Liners for resellers or commercial use
  • Buy direct from us, the manufacturer for resale or commercial use
  • Pay securely in our online trade store & receive a VAT invoice by email
  • Delivery costs included in price per box shown
  • Order dispatched in 48 hours via tracked postal service
  • Products shipped in shelf display box containing 24 rolls BioBag 140L Wheelie Bin Liners
  • This listing is for 24 rolls
  • No minimum order size required
  • Ex VAT price €49.00


BioBag Compostable Wheelie Bin Liners for Organic Waste

Shelf display box contains 24 rolls (3 x 140L bags per roll)

  • For resale or use in a commercial setting


  • This listing is for 1xBox of 24 rolls of BioBag 140Litre compostable bags for collecting food and organic waste in wheelie bins
  • EX VAT Price €49.00
  • For resellers or use in commercial HORECA settings
  • Now available to buy online, direct from  us the manufacturer, convenience and value to you
  • We ship small quantities with no minimum order size
  • Price shown includes shipping and orders are dispatched in 48 hours
  • VAT invoice will be emailed at purchase to address provided
  • Orders are dispatched in a shelf display box – use immediately
  • This listing is for 24 rolls (72) bags No minimum order size required
  • Stock BioBag in your business – convenience store, ‘green‘ supermarket or hardware business
  • Use BioBag in your business premises to collect organic waste cleanly and hygienically

BioBag compostable Brown bin


  • Great for collecting food waste and leftovers for the purpose of composting
  • 140L fits many smaller wheelie and other bins used in homes and businesses
  • Strong bags which do not tear or burst
  • Breathable bags keep odours to a minimum
  • BioBag bags cane be composted in both commercial compost systems as well as home compost systems


  • BioBag is an internationally recognised leader in compostable products
  • Our brand is known and trusted by consumers world wide
  • We are stocked by many of the world’s leading retailers
  • Our production and manufacturing methods are sustainable and ethical
  • We support our retail stockists in our promotional activities


BioBag products are certified as compostable & biodegradable by the certification standard authorities in Europe, the US and Australia. All our food waste bags and bin liners are certified for home as well as industrial composting.

The specifications met by BioBag compostable bags ensure that our products completely decompost in a composting setting within a specific time frame (around 6 months) leaving no harmful residues behind.



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