BioBag Food & Freezer Bags | Starter Pack | 90 Bags | Mixed Sizes |


The first compostable freezer-safe bag available in Europe. Only from BioBag…

  • Online exclusive starter pack containing small (4L) and large (6L) sizes
  • Compostable & biodegradable
  • Tie handles – no need to use plastic ties or clips
  • Transparent
  • Strong enough for freezer use
  • BPA Free, Microplastic Free, GMO Free. Always.
  • Food contact approved
  • Perfect for lunch boxes and schools


Try BioBag Food & Freezer Bags

Special Starter Pack ONLINE EXCLUSIVE Now Available

FREE DELIVERY in Recyclable Packaging Box

BioBag’s unique compostable Food & Freezer bags are the ONLY compostable, food & freezer bags available in Europe. Because these BioBag bags are food safe and free of micro-plastics this means that these bags can be used in your freezer. Also BioBag Food & Freezer bags can be reused to collect organic waste. And then composted in your organic bin.

Here, BioBag Ireland is offering a convenient multi-pack of 50 x  4 Litre bags (2 boxes containing 25 bags each) and 40 x 6 Litre bags (2 boxes containing 20 bags each). This pack is exclusively available HERE.

Compostable & Biodegradabl Food Freezer Strawberries

As a result, BioBag is the only freezer bag accepted in all compost waste collections. So recycle it in your organic (brown) waste bin when done!

This means that this BioBag multi-pack is perfect for bigger families, bulk buyers, batch cookers and grow-your-owners.

Also we offer free delivery to Ireland and UK addresses. (Please contact us for delivery costs to ship outside these countries email:

So, BioBag Food & Freezer Bags contain no micro-plastics and break down to nothing but compost, water and O2 in a matter of weeks.

BioBag Food & Freezer Bags are :

  • 100% compostable & biodegradable

  • Strong and long lasting
  • Transparent to see contents quickly and easily

  • Easy to tie close. Open & reseal easily. No need to use plastic ties or clips.

  • Write-on surface to identify contents
  • Made from plant based natural resources

  • Place straight into your organic waste-bin for composting

  • Certified for industrial composting

  • Breaks down to water, oxygen and compost in weeks
  • Food contact approved

  • GMO free

  • BPA free

  • No micro-plastics. Ever.


Small 4L Biodegradable Food Freezer Bags Box Roll

BioBag Food & Freezer Bags are suitable for all types of food. Please allow hot food to cool before placing it on the bag. Do not boil or microwave the bags. The box can be reycled. The bag can be composted in an organic bin. Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight and use within 18 months of purchase.


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