Compostable products are a great alternative to regular plastic.

Does your Business need BioBag? Now you can buy direct …

Does your business want to become more sustainable? Do your customers want reduced plastic packaging, the opportunity to choose fresh produce and take it home in compostable bags which they can reuse to collect food waste in their own homes and dispose of them in a compost bin or home composter?


BioBag is a family of fully biodegradable and compostable bioplastics which use renewable resources to provide a solution with low environmental impact. BioBag compostable products can solve specific environmental problems in various sectors, such as foodservice, retail, packaging and separate collection of organic waste and agriculture. All BioBag bags are fully biodegradable and compostable and, as such, can be reused also for the separate collection of organic waste.

BioBag offers the widest assortment of compostable products on the market including an extensive assortment of products which can be used by businesses to reduce their use (and their customers’ use) of traditional plastics). We have supplied compostable fruit and veg bags to every size and type of food business including large supermarket chains, farm shops, market stalls.

Nolans Interior BioBag

In addition, we supply many retailers, butchers, take away restaurants with compostable shopping bags.

All products are certified compostable according to the European Standard 13432 standard.

We ship compostable produce bags and shopping bags direct to many businesses across Ireland and the UK. Business can buy from our online shop in manageable quantities with no minimum order size. We’ve found that this method is really convenient and cost effective for smaller businesses allowing them to purchase directly with free shipping.

Start shopping for your business now in our online shop. Delivery is free on all our B2B orders to Ireland and the UK.

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