Support a healthy enviroment and healthy soil with the original BioBag compost bin bags and liners

[March 2021] BioBag has produced this short video showing the importance of seperating organic & food waste in your home. When we put food scraps and garden cuttings into a compost collection or home composter, instead of a general waste bin, we’re reducing waste sent to landfill or incineration. That is a big help to our world.

You can help to create a healthier planet and mitigate against climate change by just collecting your home’s leftovers in compostable BioBags. Instead of sending food waste to landfill in a general waste bin, we can return valuable organic resources to the earth by composting . We can grow draw down carbon from the atmosphere and nourish soil when we grow more food in a virtuous cycle.

Reusing food waste is a perfect example of the circular economy. Amazing things can be made from organic waste. For example, many countries create BioGas from this organic resource. BioGas can be used to fuel electricity and heating in our homes. Also, BioGas can be used to create fuel as a diesel replacement for our cars and vehicles.

We can also use Food waste to make compost. Compost acts as a fertiliser, improving soil quality and allowing the world to grow better fresh food and plants. Growing plants absorb carbon which contributes to a healthier environment for us all.

Collecting food and organic waste in compostable BioBags makes the job easier and cleaner. BioBag makes bags from plant starch, from non-food sources, and they breakdown completely in the correct composting conditions. BioBag bags leave no microplastics behind when they decompose. An original BioBag bag will break down, in an industrial or home compost setting, to water, carbon dioxide and biomass. That’s all – nothing toxic and nothing that can pollute our oceans, seas, rivers and streams.

Please use and share our video and spread the word on composting organic waste with BioBag. Or check out BioBag Ireland’s YouTube Channel for more videos. You can buy BioBag products from our online shop by clicking here.