Whether you’re cooking for one or you’ve a busy family, BioBag’s MaxAir kitchen caddy makes your life easier, your kitchen cleaner and your Brown Bin lighter.

The BioBag MaxAir kitchen caddy is a nifty little bin that can live under your sink or on your kitchen counter. Use your MaxAir caddy with a breathable BioBag liner to collect leftovers, peelings & off-cuts from fresh produce, and all food waste. Peel your vegetables straight in, scrape plates easily, train your kids to use it for apple cores and orange peel.

When your BioBag is full, tie it, lift it straight out of the MaxAir caddy, put it into your Brown Bin. And repeat…

The MaxAir has a carry-handle which makes it easy to pick up and move around. Also, it has a sturdy, hinged lid which prevents spills and leaks from escaping. The lid of the MAxAir is ventilated as are the sides. These vents allow air to circulate around the contents and allow moisture to evaporate. This means that the food waste has a chance to dry out and will be lighter when you put it into your Brown Bin. Click here to see a full list of what you can put in your Brown Bin.

Lighter contents make your Brown Bin cheaper to lift which is a saving most homes like to make! A MaxAir caddy will last for years in your kitchen, saving you money when compared with disposable food waste boxes.

When used correctly with a properly fitting BioBag liner it will stay clean and not need regular cleaning out or washing.

The BioBag MaxAir kitchen caddy is available from some larger branches of Dunnes Stores and SuperValu or buy online in our WEBSHOP for quick delivery.

And Breathe….The BioBag MaxAir Kitchen Caddy