Organic Growers & Market Gardeners. Reduce plastic with BioBag clear & compostable bags

The Holy Grail of plastic-free packaging. NOW EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE IN THE UK FROM BHG PACKAGING Ltd.

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BioBag is delighted to announce that we are now supplying clear (transparent) compostable bags suitable for packaging loose products such as washed salad leaves, herbs etc. This is an exciting packaging advance for the UK as previously, such bags have been extremely difficult to source. BioBag is presently one of only 5 manufacturers worldwide who are producing these types of bags. They are being enthusiastically received countrywide by organic farmers who want to reduce plastic waste.

BioBag bags are made from sustainable, natural resources and are completely compostable & biodegradable. Customers can see the quality and freshness of the contents and know that the packaging can be returned to the earth as compost – leaving no plastic residue behind – by placing them into an organic waste bin or home composter.

BioBag has recently partnered with leading horticultural supplier BHGS who are now the sole supplier of BioBag clear & compostable bags to the UK market. Together we are delighted to finally offer growers an option to package products in sustainable and plastic free bags without compromising on quality, shelf-life or shelf-appeal.

BioBag bags are:

* Certified compostable & biodegradable according to European Standard EN 13432

* Suitable for composting in both industrial and home settings

* Made from natural, sustainable resources and start life as a thistle

* GMO-free

* Food safe and suitable for all fresh produce especially washed loose salad leaves

* Approved for use by waste collectors in organic/food bins

* Available in size 300 x 400mm with 30mm gusset (contact us for other sizes)

* Suitable for sealing with a label/heat sealed if required

* Suitable for personalizing with your branding & logo if required (MOQ apply)

For further information, samples and prices please contact BHGS Ltd on 01386 444100 or BioBag Ireland & UK (Tel) + 353 86 77 00 213 or (Email)

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