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Beeswax Food Wrap: Bread Pack


1 Beeswax Bread Wrap

  • 1 x XL Beewax Wrap
  • 50cm x 50cm
  • Big enough to wrap a huge loaf and keep it beautifully fresh for a week.


BioBag Ireland brings you Beeswax Wraps. Part of our online range of some carefully chosen products from other companies which share our commitment to sustainability. We’re proud to now stock The Beeswax Wrap Company’s range. Free delivery to Irish and UK addresses is included on all orders on

Beeswax Bread Wrap: (1 XL Loaf Wrap)

Meet our XL Beeswax Wrap, perfect for wrapping a whole large loaf of bread, keeping it naturally fresher for longer.

Our Bread Pack includes:

1 Beeswax Bread Wrap – 50cm x 50cm

Big enough to wrap a huge loaf and keep it beautifully fresh for a week. Easy!

Beeswax Wrap – Made from GOTS certified organic cotton and low impact dyes, organic jojoba oil, pine resin and local UK beeswax. 

Vegan Food Wraps – Made from GOTS certified organic cotton and low impact dyes, organic jojoba oil, pine resin and a combination of 4 plant waxes. 

How do Beeswax Wraps Work?

Use the warmth of your hand to mould the Beeswax Wrap over a piece of food, bowl, dish, etc. The Beeswax Wrap will hold its seal once it starts to cool down. The Beeswax Wrap allows your food to breath. It keeps cheese, fruit, vegetables, bread, baked treats, herbs, fermented food (such as kombucha, kefir, rising doughs) and anything else you want to use them for, nice and fresh! We don’t recommend that you use them with pineapples or raw meat or fish.

The Beeswax Wrap Company says “We spent a year perfecting our recipe to ensure our Beeswax Wraps really do stand the test of time. Because of the way we hand make each individual wrap you can be sure that the wax won’t start crumbling off after a few washes and the edges won’t begin to fray and look untidy. We started out by making Beeswax Wraps for our own use so you will also find that our wraps sizes are more generous too.”

Caring for Your Wraps

  • Wash with soap in cold water and hang to dry
  •  Refresh every few months in the oven
  • Do not use to wrap hot food, make sure all food is cold before you use the wraps
  • Wraps are not suitable for using in the microwave or oven
  • Please note these wraps are flammable so keep away from naked flames

What are Beeswax Wraps made of?

The Beeswax Wraps are handmade using organic GOTS certified cotton (in super funky patterns), Pine Resin, organic Jojoba Oil and locally sourced Beeswax.

Why are Beeswax Wraps Handmade?

Beeswax wraps are made by hand to ensure you get the longest lasting beeswax wrap possible. We cut the fabric before we wax it, so the edges are sealed. This means you don’t end up with wraps that begin to fray after a few washes. We infuse our wax mixture into the cotton for up to an hour, making sure the fibres of the fabric have completely absorbed the wax mixture. This ensures the no wax crumbles from your wraps.

We are really proud of how long lasting our wraps are and want you to get as much life out of them as possible.

Why use Beeswax Wraps?

  • 100% natural Compared to plastic, our Beeswax Wraps are all natural so no nasties will leach into your food whilst its being stored.

  • Keeps your food super fresh The combination of natural ingredients with the organic cotton fabric allows our wraps to breathe, making sure your food stays fresh for longer. You will find that  you will get 3-4 more days out of your bread and your greens. Also herbs will stay nice and crunchy for at least a week and your sandwiches won’t be all sweaty when you unwrap .

  • Clingy but in a good way Pine resin gives our wraps a natural adhesive making sure your food is sealed tight. The warmth from your hands helps mould the wraps to give a strong seal. And they really do stay sticky even after you have used and washed them over and over again.

  • Reusable Rather than using cling film or foil that you throw away, our reusable food wraps can simply be washed in cold water and soap and they are ready to roll again. After 2-3 months just refresh them and off you go again.

  • Biodegradable Once you have used your wrap to the max, pop it on your compost. Or twist up and use as a firelighter.


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