BioBag 30L Bags (100 Bags) | Fit Built-In Waste Sorting Systems |


  • Fits medium-sized kitchen bins, built-in waste sorting sytems, pedal bins, etc
  • Average home uses 2 to 3 bags a week
  • 20 bags per roll
  • 5 Rolls (100 bags in total) for this online listing
  • Flat top bags – easy to use and tie
  • Price includes delivery


30L BioBag Compostable Bag for Food & Organic Waste

Multi-pack of  5 Rolls (100 bags in total)

€26.50 including VAT and Free Delivery to Irish & UK address (please contact us if outside these countries)


** Web Exclusive – Not available in shops – PERFECT FOR KITCHEN RECYCLING BINS **


CHOOSE BioBag in your home. 

Make food and organics recycling CLEAN & EASY for you and your family.

BioBag 30 Litre bags are made from plant starch and start life as a thistle. All BioBag bags are 100% compostable and biodegradable. Also, as BioBags are breathable they allow air to circulate and allow moisture in food waste to evaporate.  Drier waste reduces unpleasant smells and odours.

A BioBag bag also acts as a barrier to bacteria, viruses, spores and mould. Furthermore because BioBag is a natural product when used to collect food waste it can go straight into a Brown/Organic bin or home composter when full. BioBag is certified compostable and is accepted by all waste collection companies in organic waste collections. BioBag 30L bags are also certified as suitable for home composting.

In BioBag, we’re proud of our unsurpassed reputation for quality and our bags are strong and sturdy as well as sustainable. Our bags are certified as compostable in both home and industrial composting environments and will break down in up to 12 weeks and 8 weeks respectively.

The 30L BioBag is suitable for a medium sized kitchen bin and perfect for a built-in waste sorting systems. Food waste dries out quickly in a BioBag and when it’s full it can be put straight into your Brown/Organic waste bin.

We’ve reintroduced this size to this webshop in September 2019 due to popular demand. This 30L size is not available in shops so stock up here.

BioBag 30 Litre bags are only sold in this web-exclusive multi-pack of 5 rolls of 20 bags (100 bags per online sale)

50 L large bin and bag

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