BioBag Compostable Produce Bags: Helping Irish Retailers Demonstrate Their Green Credentials

Join the growing awareness amongst Irish consumers of the need to reduce unnecessary, non-recyclable, single-use plastic packaging from their weekly shop.

BioBag is delighted to be supplying a number of innovative Irish retailers with our compostable produce bags for their fruit and vegetable aisle. Customers choose loose fruit and vegetables and they can recycle their BioBag in their Brown Bin or even in a home composting pile.

BioBag compostable produce bags are available on the dispensers of The Happy Pear Greystones, An Tairseach Organic Farm shop in Wicklow, and up to 60 SuperValu stores nationwide amongst other innovative retailers.

BioBag produce bags are branded with the BioBag logo ensuring that customers know they are benefiting from the same strength, quality and certifications as our retail range. The produce bags are manufactured using renewable, plant-based resources and will compost completely within a matter of weeks when treated with organic waste in an industrial composting facility (it takes a few weeks longer in a home composter). They fit exiting bag dispensers in stores and are easy for customers to open and separate.

Feedback from customers has been extremely positive and the list of retailers making the change to compostable BioBag produce bags continues to grow.

For further information on BioBag compostable bags, call or email us on 086 7700213 or

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Compostable Fruit & Vegetable Produce Bags for shops and retailers

Compostable Fruit & Vegetable Produce Bags for Shops and Retailers