BioBag Dog Waste Bags. Frustration-Free & Reduced Packaging. New & Improved.

Now Available with orders of compostable BioBag Dog Waste Bags from in our Online Shop.

[November 2020] BioBag is pleased to introduce new packaging for shipping online orders of BioBag compostable dog waste bags. An easy way for you to reduce waste when shopping online. These recyclable cardboard boxes allow us to simply label the boxes and post them straight to you. No excess wrap or protective padding. Each online order of BioBag dog waste bags, contains 10 rolls x 30 bags (300 bags in total). Use new easy-to-open packaging to protect and store the bags. The box can reused and it is 100% recyclable as paper at the end of its useful life.

You can have 300 compostable BioBag dog waste bags delivered to your door (Irish and UK addresses) for €25.  Enough to last your faithful friend for several months. Buy BioBag Dog Waste Bags online here.


BioBag Dog Waste Bags are:

  • Easy to separate
  • Easy to tie
  • Extra strong & secure
  • Leak-proof
  • Black opaque bags which are convenient to carry
  • Big enough even for the needs of the largest dog
  • Made from plant starch from thistles
  • Certified for home composting as well as industrial